Celebrate with Champagne Parades at RosaNegra Beach

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience to enjoy a fun-filled day at the beach, the Champagne parades at RosaNegra Beach are waiting for you!

The best bachelorette party in Tulum

RosaNegra Beach is a fascinating beach club that took the essence of RosaNegra, to turn it into a Latin party by day. Its creation came from transforming the emblematic RosaNegra nights that have become famous for their energy, concept and live music, to bring them to one of the most iconic destinations in Mexico: Tulum.

Gin Drinking Essentials

Many say that gin is a Dutch origin distillate, but its boom and discovery happened in London; that is why it's very famous in its bars and has become a popular part of its culture. Gin is the base of many cocktails, as mythical as the Dry Martini from the James Bond movies.

3 Latin distillates you must try

Latin distillates have a unique flavor, each one tells the story of its country and is part of its identity. Can you imagine visiting Mexico without tasting tequila or mezcal, being in the Caribbean and not having a delicious mojito?

3 Ceviches to try at RosaNegra Beach

RosaNegra Beach is a tribute to Latin American cuisine and this beach club in Tulum is the perfect spot to enjoy fresh seafood and innovative recipes. Ceviches are a must for your beach days, their recipe is simple but precise. Fresh ingredients are essential for this culinary gem, which has become a must for beach days.

5 dishes not to miss at RosaNegra Beach

RosaNegra Beach is not only the perfect place to celebrate life and spend a day out in Tulum, it’s also the ideal spot to eat fresh and delicious dishes in the destination. Our menu explores Latin American cuisine and fuses it with exclusive seafood served in an exquisite and creative way. Here are some dishes you should not miss on your next visit.

Summer is calling!

Summer has arrived and Grupo RosaNegra is ready to offer the best experiences of the season. Summer is calling you to the best destinations in Mexico: Tulum, Cancun and Los Cabos.

Drinks you must try at RosaNegra Beach

RosaNegra Beach is Tulum's most spectacular party spot, its beach days are simply incomparable.

The best Beach Clubs in Tulum

Tulum is a paradise, a destination acclaimed by travelers from all over the world, who visit...