Gin Drinking Essentials

Many say that gin is a Dutch origin distillate, but its boom and discovery happened in London; that is why it's very famous in its bars and has become a popular part of its culture. Gin is the base of many cocktails, as mythical as the Dry Martini from the James Bond movies. 

Over the years, the recipe has been transformed to create formulas and drinks with more body and aromas to diversify the options.   

Today, drinking gin can be almost a ritual if you make it so, and you should take the following into account:


  1. Each brand offers something different, researching a little more about each one, its ingredients and properties. This way it will be easier to find your favorite. 
  2. It’s important to choose the appropriate glasses and cups, remember to keep the glass cold and use quality ice. Large glasses are preferable to tube glasses. 
  3. The quality of the tonic water is also essential, we recommend trying the tonic water before combining with the gin, in order to find the flavor you desire.
  4. The garnish is very important in this drink, it’s a way to play with flavors without changing the essence of the Gin & Tonic, you can add cucumber, citrus peel or fruit segments. 
  5. Flavored and spiced gins are very fashionable, but if you are just getting familiar with their flavor and preparation techniques, it’s better to learn and master the classic gin before continuing with these types of cocktails. 
  6. Remember that every detail is important, cut the fruit with precision, use fresh ingredients and quality ice. Everything counts. 
  7. Do not overuse botanical ingredients such as flowers, spices or fruits. Sometimes adding an extra touch can be too much and overshadow the true essence of the drink, besides being more complicated to sip on.  
  8. The trend is to use top quality products to prioritize flavor and aroma, especially products to elevate your cocktails to a premium level, through quality and professional technique.


In addition to the classic Gin & Tonics, at RosaNegra Beach we recommend the house creations: Forest, Mediterráneo, London Park and Dolce Malfy, true works of art for your senses.