The best bachelorette party in Tulum

RosaNegra Beach is a fascinating beach club that took the essence of RosaNegra, to turn it into a Latin party by day. Its creation came from transforming the emblematic RosaNegra nights that have become famous for their energy, concept and live music, to bring them to one of the most iconic destinations in Mexico: Tulum.

This beach club took RosaNegra's fresh dishes such as ceviches and tiraditos and turned them into seaside must-haves, as well as salads and a wide selection of tostadas. The menu at RosaNegra Beach is simply amazing and full of Latin influences. 

If you’re engaged, and planning to have your bachelorette party in Tulum, we recommend you to do it at RosaNegra Beach, we promise your party will be memorable. 

Here are some tips to make your event extraordinary. 



  1. Plan ahead

Gather your best friends, talk about what you would like to do and above all, it’s important to reach an agreement about the date. Scheduling it in the calendar is a priority because it’s the first step to plan, book and create a unique experience for you and your friends. You can choose to make a personalized invitation, pick a bachelorette party theme, buy matching bikinis or wear the same accessories. There are thousands of options to consider, play around with and make the concept what you dreamed of at RosaNegra Beach. 



  1. Book your experience

Make your reservation in advance so you can secure the best spaces, create the experience you desire and even design a customized food and beverage package with our groups and events area. By booking you’re ensuring that your day out in Tulum will be everything you hoped for and more. 



  1. Enjoy

Live your bachelorette party and have a great day with the best cuisine in Tulum, signature mixology, live happenings and DJ. Forget about the stress of wedding preparations and concentrate on just one thing: dancing and toasting with champagne.  



  1. Take lots of pictures

Beach bachelorette parties are usually memorable, so don't forget to do a photo shoot alone and with your best friends. Ask the staff to help you so you can take home the best memories.